Department for Toxicology of Croatian Institute of Public Health (CIPH) is a legal successor of the toxicological departments of Croatian Institute for Toxicology and antidoping (CITA). Department is responsible for the prevention of poisonings and other harmful impacts of chemicals and also for the assistance in diminishing the consequences of accidents with dangerous chemicals.

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In toxicological protection, key activities are:
•    education about protection against dangerous chemicals,
•    gathering evidence about toxins in production and import and gathering evidence about persons who work with chemicals,
•    conducting Safety data sheets registry of chemicals put on Croatian market,
•    conducting data base of chemical mixtures placed on the market and classified as hazardous on the basis of their health and physical effects for the purpose of Poison Control Centre,
•    various tasks in the prevention of chemical accidents, accident management and the elimination of their consequences,
•    all other jobs in the prevention of chemical accidents or relief of their consequences

The tasks of Department for Toxicology are regulated by the Health Care Act, Chemicals Act and by the acts that regulate implementation of European regulations related to chemicals. According to the Chemicals Act, Ministry of Health (MoH) is the Competent Authority for chemicals and Department for Toxicology carry out expert tasks for MoH. Above expert tasks are:
a)    Advising MoH regarding REACH, CLP, BPR, and export and import of dangerous chemicals,
b)    Advising MoH regarding participation in ECHA’s bodies and EC committees
c)    Carrying out documental and consultant activities relating to acute poisonings (including preparedness for accidents and helpdesk)
d)    Conducting training in the protection from dangerous chemicals
o    For MoH and other state bodies
o    For industry
e)    Keeping records of collective annual data of chemicals
f)    Keeping records of the data from safety data sheets
g)    Taking up official CLP Helpdesk duties

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